January 11 Family and Staff Fire Updates

January 11 Family and Staff Fire Updates

Des Moines, Iowa
Updated: May 3, 2023, 3 PM

We regret to inform you that the planned move back to Valley View Village needs to be pushed back from Tuesday, May 9, to Tuesday, May 16. This is due to subcontractor timeframes and availability, which is beyond our control. While inconvenient, we do believe this delay will ensure a smoother move back home for all residents.

We understand that this news may cause frustration and disappointment, especially as you have been eagerly anticipating and planning for the move. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have any questions or if we can assist you in any way.

We apologize for any inconvenience this delay may cause and thank you for your continued patience and understanding throughout this process. We are committed to ensuring that your move back to Valley View Village is as smooth and comfortable as possible.

If you have any questions regarding these updates, please let us know at ValleyViewVillageInfo@CassiaLife.org

Updated: January 26, 2023 – 12:10 PM

If you have any questions regarding the following updates, please let us know at ValleyViewVillageInfo@CassiaLife.org.

  • The city inspectors assessed the damage at Village Assisted Living on Monday, January 23rd, and unfortunately, they did not give us the news we were hoping for. The city has decided that more completion is needed to the damage in the building prior to any occupancy. This includes having the entirety of all of the corridors open. Due to the restrictions in the availability of materials and labor, this will take more time to repair than the January 27th date we were hoping for.
  • Because the entire hallway will need to be repaired prior to occupancy, we will be able to move in more tenants at one time. However, there will be a few apartments that will have a longer delay. We will keep you updated with information about those specific apartments as soon as we know more.
  • We are still waiting on parts to repair the fire panel. The last part is scheduled to arrive on Saturday, February 4th, and the repair of the fire panel will then occur the week of February 6th. We cannot stop the fire watch being performed by our staff and we cannot have anyone living in the building until the fire panel is fully functioning, inspected, and approved.
  • With these requirements, the new return timeline for anyone to be able to return to the building is the end of February. As soon as we have an exact date, we will share that information with you.
  • We shared last week that you would receive your bill from Meadowview. That has changed and you will still be receiving a bill from Village Assisted Living. ACH draws will stay the same and there is no need to contact your bank. If you or your loved one went home, you will have a credit on the bill when a return to Valley View is possible.
  • Telephones: If you do not have a cell phone available to use, we still have our Care Attendant phone that can be used (515-299-1548). Pre-paid cell phones are also an option and are available through Verizon or US Cellular, as well as available through retailers like Walmart or Target with brands such as Mint Mobile or Tracfone. If you would like a landline, please reach out to Stephanie. You will need your own phone which can be brought over from Valley View. There is a $99 fee for a landline base that you plug into the phone and a $39 monthly fee. However, this set up would not be immediate.
  • If you are still in need of any items from the apartments, please let us know and we will get that to you.
  • Medications: This cycle’s medication refills will be delivered to Meadowview on February 1st. Bob will call families for pick-up if necessary.
  • If you went home and with the extended timeline are no longer able to stay there, please call Bob at 515-689-0265 to initiate the move to Meadowview.

At 1 a.m. January 11, 2023, a warning alarm went off in our Village Assisted Living building and the fire department was notified immediately. Firefighters arrived rapidly and began evacuating residents to a safe area, with assistance from staff.

The fire was extinguished and all residents have been safely moved to our adjacent skilled nursing community or other Cassia locations. There are also people staying with family members who picked up loved ones earlier this morning. Residents continue to be comfortably situated in temporary locations, with attentive staff, medications and items needed for personal use.

Because the building is equipped with a sprinkler system, firefighters said the fire did not get out of hand. We are thankful for that and for staff who evacuated residents quickly and carefully. An ongoing focus on emergency training allowed staff members to do exactly what needed to be done.

We are working closely with the fire department to determine the cause of the fire. In-person meetings with staff and residents are being scheduled to discuss next steps. More information will be shared as soon as it becomes available.


  1. How do I receive updates about Valley View Village?
    • This website will be updated regularly.
    • If you have questions for a Valley View team member, email ValleyViewVillageInfo@CassiaLife.org and a team member will respond as soon as possible.
    • Our lead attendant will be carrying a phone while working in the evening. Please call 515-299-1548 if assistance is needed after hours.
  2. Where are residents’ belongings?
    • Belongings are untouched in residents’ apartments. Because the majority of the damage was in common areas, the apartments were not greatly affected and loved ones’ belongings are safe in their homes.
  3. Can we go into Village Assisted Living?
    • At this time, the building is still being cleaned and we can’t have visitors. If there is something you need or are concerned about, please email ValleyViewVillageInfo@CassiaLife.org.
    • We will notify everyone as soon as we know when we can move back into the building. 
    • Move in timing may be staggered as areas of the building are cleaned up and ready for residents to return.  We will keep you updated with this information. At this time the fire department is still investigating the issue which caused the fire.

If you have further questions, please email us at ValleyViewVillageInfo@CassiaLife.org. Multiple people receive that email and will respond as soon as possible.

What You Need to Know About Loved Ones at Meadowview of Johnston

  1. My loved one was relocated to Meadowview of Johnston. Who can I contact for more information?
    Meadowview of Johnston
    5555 Pioneer Pkwy, Johnston, IA 50131
    Phone: (515) 534-0300
    Housing Director – Annette Grochala
  2. Will Village Assisted Living staff be at Meadowview?
    • Yes! The Valley View team will still be with your loved ones.

If you have further questions, please email us at ValleyViewVillageInfo@CassiaLife.org. Multiple people receive that email and will respond as soon as possible.