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Before, During and After pictures of the chapel at Valley View Village

Restoring the Heart of Valley View Village

The chapel at Valley View Village is full of memories.

For 60 years, this treasured place has seen countless worship services, joyous celebrations, marriages and times of comfort. Within these walls, people find safety, families come together and souls experience the power of faith.

“The chapel at Valley View Village is the heart and soul of the community,” Administrator Stephanie Proper says.

It stands as one of the original buildings at Valley View Village. However, like any beloved structure, the chapel has gradually succumbed to the effects of time and wear.

Thanks to generous gifts from donors, the chapel received much-needed renovations this past July. This is proof of the lasting spirit of both the chapel and the close community that values it so much.

Honoring the Past, Preparing for the Future

In 2020, Valley View kicked off a capital campaign to raise funds for the chapel’s renovations. But, soon after, the global pandemic swept across the nation, putting the campaign largely on hold.

Inflation rattled the economy, leading to escalating prices, including those for the chapel renovation project. Despite obstacles and hardships, a dedicated group of volunteers on the capital campaign committee kept working to raise funds. This kept the hope for a renewed chapel alive.

This steadfast hope, nurtured by the generosity of faithful supporters, led Valley View Village to develop a phased renovation approach. This plan ensures responsible stewardship of the resources already received and those they hoped to receive in the future. By renovating in stages, the organization could enhance the lives of residents and manage the changing costs of construction.

“It wasn’t our original plan to complete the renovation in separate phases, but if the last few years have taught us anything, it is to be flexible when needed,” Vice President of Philanthropy Matthew Crawford says.

“I am overjoyed to see the gifts our generous donors have provided have an impact now in the lives of those we serve while we continue to fundraise for future phases and improvements of the chapel.”

Preserving a Legacy of Faith and Community

Through determined efforts, the capital campaign has gathered more than $260,000 to date. This incredible support made it possible to finish significant renovations in Phase One.

The updates included installing a new fire sprinkler system, replacing the chapel’s roof, enhancing the window wall, adding new drywall in the front area, mitigating asbestos in the flooring and giving the walls a fresh coat of paint.

Completing Phase One is an important step toward restoring the chapel. These changes make the chapel more appealing, address health and safety concerns and ensure comfort inside during different seasons. It shows not just a physical transformation of the building, but also the strong dedication of a community that treasures the chapel deeply.

Families are excited about the renovation. They see it as a useful space for daily activities and for marking special occasions with loved ones. Because of its size, the chapel can hold large celebrations within the community. It also serves as a place for community events like concerts, talks, parties, holiday festivities and more.

 “We are able to welcome more people in a more comfortable space due to the replacement of the windows on the northwest side,” Stephanie says. “The improvements are already making a difference in how residents view the space. They say it looks brighter and larger.”

Celebrating Phase One’s Success

As Valley View Village looks forward with excitement, the legacy of faith and community continues to thrive. The journey of restoration exemplifies the power of unity, resilience and shared purpose. With Phase One now accomplished, Valley View Village stands poised to embrace the future phases of the renovation. This will continue to honor its legacy while forging ahead into new chapters of service and devotion.

“We are so grateful for the generous community members, residents, family members and staff who have contributed to make phase one of the chapel renovation possible,” Matthew says.

If you would like to make a gift to support the second phase of renovations, please click here: